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Pokemon PC 2.3

3D RPG Pokemon game
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Play as Ash and walk around the small village to find, battle and possibly capture new Pokemon. Gain experience from battles and enhance your Pokemon's fighting skills as well the character's Pokemon-training abilities.

Pokemon PC 2.0 is a free software made by Vincent Lancon and devoted to Pokemon fans. It has nothing to do with the Nintendo games/trademarks except for he uses the Pokemon characters. The graphical game has been created entirely by him. It features a small green landscape with a few houses, pine trees, footpath, and a river with its bridge. The mouse acts as a camera we can use to view around at 360 degrees. We are Ash, a male trainer who can walk freely around the mini village, always followed by one of the Pokemon pets. There are a Pokemon Center to heal our Pokemon, a Pokemon Mart where we can buy our Pokemon items, such as Pokeballs, potions, etc.,a GYM where we can get gold cards and rewards for being good trainers and a Pokedex where we see the Pokemon characteristics. While Ash goes for a walk with the help of our cursor keys, he can encounter another Pokemon, inside the houses of outside, then a fight start between our Pokemon pet and the enemy. We have to use the right weapon to defeat the opponent and if possible not kill him but catch him instead. That way our Pokemon pet can gain a level and be evolved, and we can get more Pokemon, more points and more money to spend at the Mart.It runs under Windows Vista,XP,2000 and 9x. OPs. It also needs DirectX 9 to be installed.

Review summary


  • Freeware
  • Easy to use
  • Nice graphics
  • Great movements of the camera using our mouse


  • It freezes itself more often than we'd liked
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